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Flying Sites in Christchurch

Canterbury is bounded on the west by the Main Divide, which rises to about 1500M (5000ft) but reaches 2400M (8000ft) south of Westport, and 3765M (12,349ft) at Mt Cook; and in the east by the coast between Kaikoura and Ashburton. There is a coastal plain from Amberley to Oamaru but in the north the Kaikoura mountains rise steeply from the coast. The plain slopes gently upwards and westwards to the main divide. East of gaps in the ranges the climate is locally modified by channelling of W-NW winds. Spring and early autumn are the windiest seasons, but strong SW winds may occur at any time of the year. Christchurch city is often subject to strong sea breezes which set up in the afternoon.

Do not be tempted to fly in NW conditions, there have been two deaths directly attributable to deciding to fly when the upper level winds are from the NW quarter. These conditions are indicated by the presence over the Southern Alps of the North West arch.

Download a PDF version of the CHGPC sites guide here

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Airspace restrictions

This map cannot be relied on. Purchase a VTC if you plan on flying close to controlled airspace.

The red area is the Christchurch Airport control zone and is prohibited for all aircraft not equipped with a transponder.

The blue area may be flown up to 1500 feet.

The green area may be flown up to 3500 feet.

The white area may be flown up to 5500 feet after being activated. This is general aviation area G853. G853 can be activated by phoning the duty manager on 3581694 or via the flight briefing office (0800NBOPLN ask for the duty manager). You will just need basic details and have in mind a time that the area can be de-activated.