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CHGPC Gathering 7th Sept 2017 - 7:30am - Twisted Hop and Reminder about Club Notices only being sent via Mailchimp emails

Hi CHGPC club members,

With the season just about to start up we thought it would be a good time to get everyone together for a catch up and also discuss a bit of club business. It would be a good opportunity to discuss any remits for our AGM in October. We have booked the Twisted Hop pub upstairs area for 7:30pm on Thursday the 7th September.


Restricted Airspace - port hills fires

All pilots, note there is restricted temporary airspace on the port hills for fire fighting aircraft. Please stay well clear.

I would avoid any thermal flying from the hills whilst fire fighting going on. Taylors mistake is ok. Restricted Airspace is active until at least 17TH Feb.

The Herbert Run.

Warrens 'Herbert Run' Track Log

The forecast showed light winds swirling around the peninsular, with a chance of clear holes through the high cloud. What looked favourable at Little River, was the change of light wind directions during the day, which in the past has produced small convergences in the valleys.
When you wake up in the morning and see nice clouds in the middle of the peninsula, then you’re in with a chance. Driving to Little River was a punt on it being hot enough to convect through the spring air, the high cloud was not good, but the west had blue patches on the way.

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