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Sky Cima (65-85kg) Paraglider for Sale

Sky Cima (65-85kg) Paraglider for Sale
Approx. 40hrs of use

Good condition, available for a limited time only before I take it back to sell in the US.

Excellent for beginners. I bought it second hand from someone who had hardly flown it due to an injury (non-paragliding). I am selling it only because I am too heavy for it. Excellent for hike and fly because it compresses so small and only weighs 3.8kg.

Gear For Sale

Paragliding Gear For Sale - ProDesign Effect 38 wing (Min/Max. total load 105-130kg) in good condition (with WOF), Gin Genie 3 Harness (near new) with flight deck, Charly Reserve, Charly Insider Helmet (near new), Baringer Vario 10 series, and Flight suit (L). Selling complete only. Suitable for Beginner. Reasonable Offers or enquiries Phone Jason 027 229 5275.

Good Price For a First Glider

APCO Karma (DHV-1), 60-90kg

$900, however my new glider has arrived so reasonable offers considered

This glider has taken me many places; high over snow capped mountains in New Zealand, touched cloudbase in Australia, alone with the birds over the terraced fields of Nepal & soared the cliffs of India, yet still flies happily. This little glider's currently gracing the cover of the latest Airborn:

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