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Hangy vs Panty ---- Canty Club Social Fly In,

Max proposes a Canterbury club fly in this saturday ( march 28 )

The great " Hangy and Panty Day Out"

Time - 10.30am
Location - Taylors, Dale, Little River … to be confirmed regarding weather
Spot landing, best beat up, generally hanging out

max 0221596101

Vario Found

If you have lost a 'beaten up' Flytec vario at Taylors Mistake launch area recently, please let me know and I will arrange repatriation ;)

Taylors wind meter running costs

Hi everyone,
Ok taylors wind meter ran out of telecom credit today as they have stopped providing the txt bundle we were using,
So although they have replaced it with another service,I thought i should take this opportunity to put it out there to see if we can reduce the running costs.

So first a bit of an explanation:-
Taylors wind meter is SMS and GPRS capable, it runs on 2 degrees.
at present the SMS data is send from the wind meter to a telecom mobile phone that posts the info on twitter for us all to see. it is not possible to post directly to twitter in NZ from the wind meter.

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