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Yesterday's incident where a pilot made an untimely and unplanned acquaintance with the rock face below the Gondola launch site, should be taken as a timely reminder about the importance of carrying and using a two way radio. The benefit of being able to talk to the seriously injured pilot and relaying instructions from emergency services to the pilot prior to being airlifted by the Westpac helicopter should not be underestimated. The radio does not have to be expensive but is equally as useful and important while flying to share information regarding flight conditions!

PG Nationals Accommodation in Wanaka

Sandy and I are thinking of going to the PG nationals in Jan/Feb 2015. We were thinking of getting a holiday home for the week. If anybody is thinking of the same and wants to share the costs, get in touch.

RASP 'Students'

A great response means we have reached the number we can accommodate at Peter's place, 7pm on Thursday 21st August.

The following people have confirmed: Mike Andre, Marco, Mike Lowe, Cliff, Luke, Simon C, and Jen C.

Peter's address details will follow before next Thursday for those of us that don't already have it. Please add your email address to the members list if it is not already included or email your details to me at

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