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RASP 'Students'

A great response means we have reached the number we can accommodate at Peter's place, 7pm on Thursday 21st August.

The following people have confirmed: Mike Andre, Marco, Mike Lowe, Cliff, Luke, Simon C, and Jen C.

Peter's address details will follow before next Thursday for those of us that don't already have it. Please add your email address to the members list if it is not already included or email your details to me at


Just after the recent AGM in Auckland, some of the HG delegates met to appoint the Hang Gliding Competition Committee for the coming season and discuss the state of the comp scene in NZ. Members that attended the meeting were Evan Lamberton (President), Ross Gray ( HG Operations Manger), Glenn Meadows (HG Training Manager), Grant Middendorf (PG Operations Manager) Hagen Brueggemann, Grant Tatham, Dennis Thorpe, Mark Alton, Dennis Green, Herman Ahrens, and Ian Miller.

First aid

On Thursday evening this week, does anyone want to go over Basic life-support.
6 pm at mine 2/77 Canterbury street Lyttleton
I have instructor exams next weekend, so it helps me practice teaching techniques and gives you guys some practice of the basics.
I have got couple of resus mannequins.
Please let me know who would be interested
Bring some snacks prob last 2 hours

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