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Sugarloaf Wind

The correct address for the Sugarloaf wind meter is
The link on this website under weather is not currently directing you to this address.
For those who don't know... this wind meter is situated at the top of the TV tower on Sugarloaf.
It is maintained by The NZ Metservice for their metflight service.
The website is kindly maintained and hosted by Neil, a local RC enthusiast.
It is at 2000' above sea level. The wind speed in knots (double it for km/hr) and direction is updated at 11 mins past the hour and graphed.

Extreme sport research

I am undertaking postgraduate research through Massey University, New Zealand, examining the influence of social media on risk taking in extreme sport. I would like to invite BASE jumpers, skydivers, speedflyers, acro-paraglider pilots, white water kayakers, alpine mountaineers and mountain bikers to participate by answering a survey questionnaire. Please click on the link to complete the survey:

Flying at the Gondola

The Gondola is a sensitive flying site. Any disregard for the rules of flying there will ensure that another flying site will be closed to us. DO. NOT fly over the cable-car unless you are very high...this means after having thermalled up and at least 300 ft above the cables before crossing. The Gondola staff have complained about pilots flying over the Gondola today - 2nd June.

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