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Message from club to ALL pilots

Hello All Pilots

There were concerns expressed at our AGM not so long ago about how the actions of some pilots had threatened site access, and there has been further concern expressed since in light of recent accidents and near misses/close shaves.

Some of our members seem less aware than others that our sites are quite sensitive and require the good will of their respective landowners for our continued usage. It is important that we maintain good relations with landowners and also that we project a good image of our sport to the public in general.

Mt Cheeseman - Site Issue

There has been a issue with a car driving past the top hut to launch, the
Cheesman staff are not happy with us Driving/launching above the top hut.

Can you please pass on to our members to keep below top hut when launching.
Cheesman management have also asked that the gate remains locked at all
times so when driving through please lock the gate after you. (Steve Bankier
looks after key Ph 7411 899) always lock the gate after driving through.


Black Helmet and Gloves at Taylors

Found at Taylors launch Friday evening (4/4/14). Call me if they are yours - 0211 601 041.

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