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hi guys,

Poor student looking for a cheap second hand vario if anyone has an old vario they may want to sell.


Mt Dobson Fairly - Is anyone flying there?

Hi everyone, I'm living between Fairly and Geraldine and looking for fellow PG pilots to fly with in our area. Also being relatively new to the sport I could use some advise about other sites nearby. Anyone keen?

Southern Regional Comp- Wanaka- 11/12 Jan

Come join us for the second competition of the season. The long range forecast is finally indicating a clearance in the weather. It's a great way to improve your flying in a supportive environment. We are hoping these will be among the most beginner friendly comps but also appeal to experienced pilots as well. There will be workshops for low airtime pilots .

Text registration of interest, ASAP, to 0274931112 with decision to go depending on weather forecast made Thursday 1900 9th Jan.

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