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Visiting Pilot needs some guidance

Hey all, there is a visiting paraglider pilot in town for 3 months (PG2). He needs some guidance on local sites so please send him a txt when heading to Tailors, Gondola or Little River.

Dutchie on 022 109 3431


No access to Mt Cheeseman lodges until 9 Jan

I currently have a Buddhist Group staying at Snowline Lodge through until 8 Jan. This is a silent retreat so I would appreciate if any of your members are flying from Cheeseman Top carpark over the next few days that they don’t go up to the Lodges.


Cam Lill | Mountain Manager

PO Box 22-178 Christchurch , New Zealand

Magic Mountain Road Maintenance. VOTES NEEDED.

Part 1;

Magic Mountain near Omarama has provided some of the best flying in NZ for over 25 years. It has always been a challenge to drive up but the track has now deteriorated to the point where a bulldozer or grader was needed to make it safe. For many years funds were collected at the XC Classic, which went into a special CHGPC fund and paid out as required. Since the death of the owner (who used a grader on it) there was nobody available to maintain the road so the fund was abandoned and maintenance has been by manual labour since 2008.

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