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Stolen paragliding gear

I had my lovely new (but 2nd hand) wing and bag stolen in Lyttelton on Sat night from my vehicle :( I was wondering if members could be on the look out for it. It is VERY distinctive!

Nuvuik Icepeak 6; green leading edge with Blue and white tips. Has distinctive competition numbers 222 on the lower surface along with ABAC (factory race team name)... this is a top comp wing and very obviously a comp 2 liner wing. Very few people should be flying this wing unless they are very experienced.

Stolen in a GIN black with fluro green stripes 90 l bag...

Ozone Mojo PG bag left at Little River Takeoff

Whoever left the Ozone Mojo bag at Little River today, I have it.
Peter T. 021 0669886

URGENT: NZHGPA safety advisory 2-2013 Franz Joseph area and MBZ

It has come to the attention of the NZHGPA that paragliders have been flying from a site known as Alex Knob in the Franz Joseph area of the West Coast. This is within NZB 978, a high use MBZ with frequent helicopter flights serving the tourist area. Incorrect information has been posted in web sites such as Paragliding Earth that suggests contacting the local helicopter operators and/or flying outside their normal operating hours is sufficient to fly from this site. This is not true. It is dangerous and illegal to fly in this or any MBZ unless you comply with all of the rules for that MBZ.

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