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Beware of the Port Hills Groper.

Female members should beware of the Port Hills Groper.
Check this out!

Found Gloves

Many weeks ago I spotted someone not quite making it back from the Gut, so went over to give him a lift back. Think it was Mike or Dave? Anyway, one 'Youngstown' glove was left in the back of my black SUV and the other was found on the ground the next day. I still have both gloves if someone wants to claim them. Cheers, Cliff 021 204 9960


We are all required to have a current Warrant of Fitness on your wing!

Our wonderful safety officer has organized an evening when he will be available to WOF your wing and harness for you and issue with the appropriate certification (assuming your gear passes).

Be there at 12 November at 7pm (1900 hrs for the military minded of you) at Middleton Grange School Hall. The entrance to the hall is opposite 49 Acacia Ave.

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