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CHGPC AGM - 19 November 2013

Hi All

Just a reminder of the club AGM on the 19th and also to give you an opportunity to look at the drafted financial statements for 30 June 2013 (we are now upto date on the financial statements after approving two years at last years AGM), AGM agenda and 30 June 2014 budget. These have been emailed to all club members - If you want a copy and haven't received one - update your contact details on the NZHGPA website!!!! and email me on

Beware of the Port Hills Groper.

Female members should beware of the Port Hills Groper.
Check this out!

Found Gloves

Many weeks ago I spotted someone not quite making it back from the Gut, so went over to give him a lift back. Think it was Mike or Dave? Anyway, one 'Youngstown' glove was left in the back of my black SUV and the other was found on the ground the next day. I still have both gloves if someone wants to claim them. Cheers, Cliff 021 204 9960

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