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National AGM - remits need to be voted on - 7pm Speights Ferrymead - 10 Sept

Hi All

I hope everyone has had a great winter...Spring is on its way - can you all feel it in the air?

By now you should have all received an email from the NZHGPA with the details of the National AGM remits.

Flying Taylors Mistake

Now that winter is upon us, it seems like a good time to sort through all the GoPro footage from summer.

Here's a small video I put together about Taylors Mistake:

Speed wings Gondola flying

In line with NZHGPA ruling, please politely ask any speedwing pilots flying the gondola if they are PG2 rated. As a club site also check that they are CHGPC members.
The gondola is a very public site, if anything were to happen the Gondola will not be aware that speedfliers may be unqualified, flying uncertified wings etc and we would just lose another site....
I'm certainly loving having it open- Friday flys!!! Woop Woop

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