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Altitude is your friend (AKA: how not to do it)

Today I made a stuff-up, which could have ended very badly. Rather than try & forget about it I'm posting this so anyone else can see my mistake & hopefully learn from it:

World Hang Gliding Champs, Forbes, Australia ~ an epic competition.

Best NZ pilot Jonas Lobitz with his father Hagen sitting under his wing at the worlds.  He came 25th out or 105

World Hang Gliding Champs, Forbes, Australia Jan 2013
Final Overall Results after 10 Tasks

Pilot Name, Country, Place, Score.
Manfred Ruhmer, Austria, 1st, 9010
Alessandro Pioner, Italy, 2nd, 8871
Fillipp Oppici, Italy, 3rd, 8560

Jonas Lobitz, NZ, 25th, 7476
John Smith, NZ, 47th, 6212
Conrad Loten, NZ, 65th, 4968
Matt Barlow, NZ, 75th, 4198
James McKirdy, NZ, 88th, 2974
Lisa Bradley, NZ, 101st, 1167

A superb effort by the NZ team with every Kiwi pilot flying in every task.
The top pilots flew 1876km to win this championships.

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