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Taylors Mistake - Test Weather Station

Hi All,

Over the last few months I`ve built and tested a wind station.
The Wind station is now mounted near to the Taylors Mistake Launch.
The system runs on 900mhz GSM and sends out INSTANTANEOUS readings every 20minutes between 8am and 8pm.
I have an application running that automatically forwards the information to Twitter
You can access the data by getting yourself a Twitter account (I know alot of regular pilots have them already)
Once you have a Twitter account, you need to follow GoretekWeather

New Air Space operations in and above the Omarama

Hey Guys,

We've spoken to Captain Mark Sutherland for clarification on all this and it looks
like we'll have Mt Cook ATR's flying through the Omarama area where
HGs fly.

Fortunately most of the flights will be above our usual
altitudes and the flights are few.

Still these guys are operating on IFR and descending through the
levels we fly at so we need to do everything we can to avoid a midair.

Bill Degen has taken the conversations so if you have any further info or would like to ask any questions please direct these to him for now.



Craigieburn Paragliding League - THIS WEEKEND

The HQ will be at 39 Torlesse place -to get there go into Castle Hill village 1st Left, then 3rd left then the last house on the right.

Meet at 08:30 at 39 Torlesse Place or at Texas flats landing on the Cheeseman road at 9:30. Have your ENTRY FORM printed and ready, print yourself a map, and do all your downloads before you get there or you will be hand loading the waypoints – no facilities will be provided for downloading waypoints.

GPS – Bring your own cables to avoid disappointment.

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