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Hang Gliding WOF night 23rd Oct

High All,
Cris says he can do warrants at Tropicool after work on Tuesday23rd.
You will need a current WOF if you are going for the tow weekend on 26,27,28 October.
Bring your glider and rig it at the park up the road (Buchanans rd).
Fish and chips and beer afterwards.
Happy landings

Rod Stuart
PO Box 1827, Christchurch 8140
33 Buchan Street, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023
Phone +64-3-3650406
Fax +64-3-3650407

Little River - Not closed for lambing this year :-)

Little River - Not closed for lambing this year.

Heathcote Airspace

Hi guys
Probably a slightly strange way to contact you, but no other contact details.I am the Team Leader (shortly handing over) on the Christchurch Approach radar sector. We control all of the airspace in and around Christchurch . I was involved with Peter taylor setting up G853 over the Port Hills and Lyttleton Harbour area. I notice on the website this area mapped and shaded as a flying area, but no reference to contacting ATC to activate.

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