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Harness Coconea for Sale

Harness for sale Skyman Coconea L with carabiners and speed bar. Price 900NZD. Please contact Tomas 02102511946

Club Christmas fly and BBQ noon Sun 20th Dec at Taylors

Change of plan for Club BBQ.
The weather looks great for Sunday so we have decided to give it a go!
Meet at Taylors takeoff at high noon on Sunday the 20th!

1. Ridge race ~ Clock starts when you take off ~ fly to end of cliffs ~ Taylors Surf Club ~ quarry ~ back to take off and do this 5 times hang gliding or 3 times paragliding. 100m turn point radius. Take your own times and honesty rules.
2. Spot landing on Sumner Beach and/or Taylors bottom landing ~ best hangie and best pantie for each site.

Harness for sale

Apco Ritma harness: small/medium with DHV certified back protector, stirrup and speed bar. Well used by a beginner for two years, so usual scratch marks. $450. Contact Cliff on 027 262 9876

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