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Matt's Cliffs vid from way back

Hi, finally managed how to turn my computer on and put that vid of us flying the cliffs. Its Pre-Feb EQ so interesting to see how the cliffs have changed.


Freefly Paragliding in Queenstown are offering a females only siv course on march 17th.

If there are any females out there that are interested in taking part in this course look up for details or contact craig on 021 942 533

Flying at Lower Cass

Be aware that there is a native tree planting program at this site. The seedlings are in the broom infested areas as the broom provides protection for the plantings. There is a fire break running along the front of take-off about 30 meters down from the top, there are no plantings above this line. It is critical that no-one land below the fire break in the broom area.

Steve O'Shaughnessy

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