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Special General Meeting - SGM - to be held

Hey Team,

I have had a number of emails in regard to the AGM minutes and in particular the remit to cut the budget for Airborne. So I will try and clear a couple of things up.

It seems the issue of “Website vs printed mag” is not new and the arguments have been in the NZHGPA for many years.

There was a small budget set last year to scope a website “again” but this never happened. The website is meant to replace the Airborne and have videos, articles, pictures and more, as well as all the usual info we have in the printed mag.

Do want the NZHGPA to hold a special general meeting in order to re-visit the remits passed at the last NZHGPA AGM?

91% (10 votes)
9% (1 vote)
Total votes: 11

Paragliding WOF night

Hi All

It’s that time of year when everyone should have a shiny new WOF! So get your wing out and get over to New Brighton.

Traditionally we use a hall for doing the WOF’s but, due to earthquakes, there is a limit on availability. So we have a plan...

There is a large grass park opposite our house on the corner of Admirals Way and Union Street, New Brighton, which is perfect for laying out lots of kit for inspection. (My house is 17 Admirals Way).

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