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Great result at PG nationals for local pilot

Local paraglider pilot Matt Stanford had a great result in his first competition, the second round of nationals in Wanaka.

Hang glider aero towing in Motueka

Soo... I learned to aero tow in the holidays, what a sweet way to fly. I cant wait to hit the hang gliding flight parks in Florida.

Check it out..

Awesome day at Cheeseman ~ a double yoke high after a dieing southerly does work!

On the 9th of January 2011 11 hang gliders and 2 paragliders flew Cheeseman.
There was a classic double yoke high and a dieing southerly and it was pumping!
Cloud base was only 7000' but there was lift everywhere.
7 hang gliders made it to Springfield and Mark Nicols dived over the back at Porters on his Atos to reach Lake Colleridge.
The day before Mark landed at the top of Arthurs Pass in a 15knot southerly.
What an awesome day! Happy pilots enjoyed a well earned beer at the Springfield Pub afterwards.
Bring on the double yokers!

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