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Flying Tailors on my BDay

Hey Guys,

I think this was the best day I have flown Tailors in a long time....if not ever. Both PG's and HG's were flying. I made a vid and thought I would share it with you. Check it out.


Hang Gliding League 4th ~ 5th December 2010

High all,
There will be a Canterbury Hang Gliding League held on the weekend of 4th and 5th of December.
I am turning Tropicool into a Marae for the weekend and anyone from out of town is welcome to stay.
Bring a sleeping bag and pillow.
Some pilots have offered to put visiting pilots up at their homes if you prefer.
Judges will decide on a site and set a task in the morning.
There may be a second task set in one day if time permits.
Competitions might include:
~ Open distance cross country from Mt Hutt or Mt Cheeseman. (4000')

FACEBOOK - you know you wanna...

Everyone is invited to join the "Canterbury Paragliders" group on Facebook... It's a good way to spread the word about flying missions (like tomorrow).

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