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CHGPC Secretary's de-brief of the NZHGPA 2010 AGM

Hello Christchurch and Canterbury Fliers

My recent trip to our nations capitol for the NZHGPA AGM was a great success! Three man-days and two nights released from my household shackles was awesome!

Paragliding at the Scarborough Cliffs


Paragliding the Scarborough Cliffs
The cliffs can be a great place to soar when the wind is too light at Taylors Mistake. But it's not a PG3 rated site for nothing, plenty of pilots have gone into the water, been blown over the back or ended up with a glider in the trees at launch. It definately pays to get a good briefing from an experienced pilot the first few times you fly there. This article might fill in the gaps.

Two good reasons not to leave your paraglider laid out on launch at Castle Rock

1. UV from the sun will destroy it.

2. Someone will see it and think you've crashed. Then call the emergency services. Resulting in a visit from the rescue chopper, two fire engines, an ambulance and the police.

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