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Two good reasons not to leave your paraglider laid out on launch at Castle Rock

1. UV from the sun will destroy it.

2. Someone will see it and think you've crashed. Then call the emergency services. Resulting in a visit from the rescue chopper, two fire engines, an ambulance and the police.

New Site at Darfield

At 4.35am on Saturday 4th September 2010 a new flying site began to be formed at Darfield.
We expect that work will be complete within a few thousand years and appologise for any inconvenience. It is hoped that this site will give us closer access to the Southern Alps. I hope that CHGPC club members did not experienced too much damage when the initial one megaton blast went off to commence work this project.
Happy landings
Rod Stuart

Pakistan 2010

Pakistan 1

Speaking of Pakistan, we have had an absolutely incredible three weeks here.. From the moment Rob and I set down in Islamabad we have been treated like royalty. First we meet with Sajjad who is the president of the Pakistan Association for Free Flyers in Rawalpindi and he went out of his way to look after us in every regard for our flying and transport to Chitral in the NW of Pakistan.

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