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Do want the NZHGPA to hold a special general meeting in order to re-visit the remits passed at the last NZHGPA AGM?

91% (10 votes)
9% (1 vote)
Total votes: 11

Paragliding at the Scarborough Cliffs


Paragliding the Scarborough Cliffs
The cliffs can be a great place to soar when the wind is too light at Taylors Mistake. But it's not a PG3 rated site for nothing, plenty of pilots have gone into the water, been blown over the back or ended up with a glider in the trees at launch. It definately pays to get a good briefing from an experienced pilot the first few times you fly there. This article might fill in the gaps.

WhatsApp Group

Hi all,

I have just moved back to Christchurch and would like to know if there is a WhatsApp group for paragliders / club to coordinate trips, rideshare, events etc?


Club BBQ

Sat 25th Nov 12pm @ Taylor's mistake (weather dependant)

Come along to the clubs BBQ day. A good occasion to catch up with fellow pilots, get a feed and hopefully get some flying done too.

It's going to be done on a bring your own basis as this will keep things simple, and cater for everyone.

Partners are more than welcome.

As we are all pretty good at keeping Taylor's and our other sites tidy, just a gentle reminder to put all your rubbish in the bins which will be provided.

Hope to see you all there

Cliff, Mattias and Fraser

Paraglider WoF Check Night - Thursday 19 October - 17b Print Place

Hi all,

The 2017-2018 flying season is kicking off so a Paraglider WoF check night has been organised for Thursday 19th October. Details as follows:-

Venue:- CDHB Design Lab at 17B Print Place
Date:- Thursday 19th October
Time:- 6pm start.

Many thanks to Rob Kennedy and Cliff Swailes for organizing this event.

Please pass on this message to any CHGPC PG pilot that you are in contact with to make sure everyone is aware of it.


Mike Lowe

CHGPC AGM 2017 - 5th October 2017 at 7:30pm at the Twisted Hop pub

Hi All,

We will be holding the 2017 AGM at the twisted Hop pub as noted above. Please contact me on if you have not recieved an email about this event.


Mike Lowe

CHGPC Gathering 7th Sept 2017 - 7:30am - Twisted Hop and Reminder about Club Notices only being sent via Mailchimp emails

Hi CHGPC club members,

With the season just about to start up we thought it would be a good time to get everyone together for a catch up and also discuss a bit of club business. It would be a good opportunity to discuss any remits for our AGM in October. We have booked the Twisted Hop pub upstairs area for 7:30pm on Thursday the 7th September.


Restricted Airspace - port hills fires

All pilots, note there is restricted temporary airspace on the port hills for fire fighting aircraft. Please stay well clear.

I would avoid any thermal flying from the hills whilst fire fighting going on. Taylors mistake is ok. Restricted Airspace is active until at least 17TH Feb.

The Herbert Run.

Warrens 'Herbert Run' Track Log

The forecast showed light winds swirling around the peninsular, with a chance of clear holes through the high cloud. What looked favourable at Little River, was the change of light wind directions during the day, which in the past has produced small convergences in the valleys.
When you wake up in the morning and see nice clouds in the middle of the peninsula, then you’re in with a chance. Driving to Little River was a punt on it being hot enough to convect through the spring air, the high cloud was not good, but the west had blue patches on the way.

General Meeting of CHGPC on 08/09/2016 at the Ferry Alehouse

Hi All,

We are calling a general meeting to be held at 7pm in the function room at the Ferry Speights Alehouse in Ferrymead on the 8th September 2016 to discuss and vote on remits that the NZHGPA exec have produced. The remits include changes to the constitution and changes to the requirements for PG3 certification.

If anyone has any other business that they would like raised please let me know.

As usual the club will be putting on nibbles.

Sorry about the late notice but I hope to see you there. The address is 2 Waterman Pl, Christchurch 8023

Mike Lowe

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