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Scarborouh Cliffs Launch pg launch site closed

RE: Closure of Taylor's Mistake cliff top launch site to para gliders. With a recent inspection locating new tension cracks we have made the decision to expand our safety exclusion areas to now include the paragliding 'cliff top' launch area, off Taylors Mistake Rd and adjacent to 125. I wish to advise that this means its now deemed unsafe for public access in this area and therefore to operate paragliding from that site. Security fencing and signage is being relocated to obviate the hazardous situation.

We will shortly be formally advising commercial operators and concession holders of this new situation on behalf of council.

I would appreciate if you could advise club members and any private individuals using this area of the new hazardous situation.

Rodney Chambers
Coastal Area Head Ranger
Transport and Greenspace Unit
Christchurch City Council