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Slideshow and Talk by Terry Delore, Speights Ferrymead 7.30pm 22nd September

Slideshow and Talk by Terry Delore, Master of the Wave (Christchurch's own former Hang Glider world champ and holder of 27 World Sailplane Gliding records)

Where: Speights Ferrymead
When: 7.30pm 22nd September

Terry has offered to talk about any facet of his flying career that we wish, he has some awesome photos and stories of waveflights in NZ, the Andes and much more. If you would like the talk to focus on a particular area let Matt know by email:

Should be a great way to inspire us all for the forthcoming season, see you there! Here is a wee bit more background on Terry:

Terry Delore was only 17-years-old when he became New Zealand's first world hang gliding champion. The New Zealand gliding ace then switched to sailplanes, and has since broken 27 world gliding records, 10 of them in a remarkable partnership with world-famous American adventurer Steve Fossett.

New Zealander Terry Delore is one of the finest soaring pilots of all time. In sheer natural ability, he has no equals. At the last count, he had broken 27 world records in a variety of sailplanes, setting new standards which rival pilots can only admire. He has won eight national gliding championships, represented New Zealand at the world gliding championships four times, and continued to push back the barriers of soaring flight. When he flew 2049.44 km along New Zealand's Southern Alps in November 1994, it was the longest soaring flight ever achieved. This also earned him gliding immortality as the first to break the 2000 km barrier in a 15 m single-seat sailplane.

His focus switched to Argentina, and the massive wave which rolls off the towering Andes mountain range. In a partnership made in gliding heaven, he teamed up with American adventurer Steve Fossett, already famous as the first man to circumnavigate the world solo in a balloon. Since joining forces, they have broken 10 world records, most of them in Argentina. They were the first to complete a 1500 km triangle in a glider. Their crowning glory, however, was the epic flight of 2198 km from El Calafate in the south of Argentina to San Juan in the north in 2004. That is the longest soaring flight in a direct line ever made.