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Special General Meeting - SGM - to be held

Hey Team,

I have had a number of emails in regard to the AGM minutes and in particular the remit to cut the budget for Airborne. So I will try and clear a couple of things up.

It seems the issue of “Website vs printed mag” is not new and the arguments have been in the NZHGPA for many years.

There was a small budget set last year to scope a website “again” but this never happened. The website is meant to replace the Airborne and have videos, articles, pictures and more, as well as all the usual info we have in the printed mag.

The budget for 2012 was not accepted by Auckland and Southern clubs which, between them have majority vote, on the basis that budget for Airborne should be moved to the website. The printed Airborne was given budget for only one more issue.

However, there have been many members unhappy with the way this was handled and have protested. You may have seen the forum on the NZHGPA site (if not I recommend you have a look). Due to this back lash it looks as though a Special General Meeting will be called to vote on this again. A national member survey will be carried prior to the SGM to get a clear indication from members.
Below is the email confirmation I had from the Administrator:

Hi Luke, I think an SGM is definitely happening one way or another. We haven't got four delegates officially demanding one yet, but we will add you as one of them.

But before that will be a national survey about airborn. This will happen very soon, the boys are just getting the final wording nailed down.
Thank You

Ben McAlpine
Administrator, NZHGPA
Ph 03 574 2534
027 488 5418
fax 03 574 2734
So, with the above mentioned please give some thought to this issue and what it is that you would like to see happen in the club. Keep in mind there are pros and cons to both a website and a printed mag. I personally will do some research to see how other clubs deal with their information to make my decision.

Also please vote on our own site re SGM (Special General Meeting) -

If you would like to discuss any of tis further please let me know.

Fly high, fly far, fly safe