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Weather Tweets

There have been discussions on the hill about expanding the Twitter notification scheme that Steve got going, it is popular and effective (thanks Steve), and perhaps it's about time that we the followers give a little back. Here's how:

Get into your Twitter account and click on nimbuspg then click on "followers". This will bring up a list of people following the nimbus tweets.
You can choose to follow people on that list that you recognise too. That way they can tweet to you when they are on the hill.
(don't forget to activate tweets to your mobile for each person you choose to follow)
If they choose to follow you, then you can tweet to them when you are the lucky one on the hill.
We could also tweet each other to find out what's being planned for the weekend or if you suspect that everyone is having fun on the hill and you are the only one left behind.

It is pretty easy to Tweet from your cell phone... just send a text to Twitter on 8987 as you would any other text, so no excuses!

There are a few people that are not so easily identified on their Twitter account profiles, it would be good if you could make yourselves known one way or another...

If you think that this can work then lets give it a go, if you don't, do you have any other suggestions? - Here's hoping that we can improve everyones flying chances, save the cost of texts and even wasted car journeys.