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Letter to Metservice and CAA re Sugarloaf Wind Meter

If anyone has any ideas on how we can get Sugarloaf wind meter access back again then please let me know.
This is an email sent today.

Dear Metservice and CAA,
For many years the Canterbury Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club (CHGPC) members have used the 6 digits of info from the Sugarloaf Wind Meter mounted at 2000' on the top of the TV tower. This data is available on Metflight and used to create simple graphics on a webpage to see wind direction and speed trends. Over many years it has proved to be an invaluable tool for checking the wind on the Port Hills at exactly the altitude we commonly fly. Many other local flying clubs and wind orientated sports use our Sugarloaf wind webpage regularly and we thank the Metservice and CAA for allowing this to happen. CAA have recently made metflight a user pays website and our club login and password were sadly removed last Monday. Our club and many aviation folk feel this is a compromise of safety and question if it has been a wise decision.
We are a not for profit club of 105 members with a $20 subscription each year. A further $138 per year is paid to our national association (NZHGPA) to carry out compliance for CAA. For safety and wind awareness our club and many others would love to be able to access just the Sugarloaf wind meter 6 digit information and ask if there is a way for this to happen.
Our club has limited funds available for access to such information and we feel as a public service you may wish to simply allow us access to this information as a gesture of public good will. We are happy to set up a simple memorandum of understanding (MOU) and you may choose to give us the url in strict confidence.
We look forward to a positive response giving us an option to access this information soonest.
Best regards
Rod Stuart

Metservice have kindly

Metservice have kindly allowed us to access metflight as a club and retreave sugarloaf wind data so bookmark and know what is happening at exactly 2000' on the Port Hills.
Happy landings

Letter to Metservice and CAA - Thanks Rod

Thanks for sending this email Rod. I note that the web page is updating again with the data from Sugarloaf!
Perhaps your email worked.