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Taylor's Mistake Road Update

Because of recent issues with access to Taylor's Mistake takeoff I have been in contact with the engineering company responsible for the stabilisation work above the summit road (Aurecon).

I have been informed that;

The summit road east from Mt Pleasant is currently officially open, and always has been.

(Note that Evans pass is officially CLOSED)

There has been a lot of confusion to date regarding the status of the road.
No doubt the current signage, cones and barriers have been a result of and further contribute to this confusion. It was thought that the road had been closed but no application had been lodged to close the road.

There is currently an application to close the road from Mt Pleasant to allow for stabilisation work. This had been hoped to start tomorrow (29/2/12) however as the application has not been processed yet it will be a later date.
When the work commences the road will be closed during working hours, weekdays. The road will be re-opened at the end of each workday (could be as late as 6-6:30pm) and remain open on weekends.
When the road is closed it will be very obvious and well barricaded, possibly manned at the closure. When the road is re-opened it will be free of these barricades and signs.
This work is likely to take 35-40 working days (but could be longer).

I have been told that today there has been a meeting on site involving the C.C.C. parks and the engineers about the pending closures.
In theory the information should be passed down to Park Rangers etc. and prevent any misunderstanding between the Rangers and pilots however we have requested an official communication that pilots can carry with them in case the information does not filter down to all those concerned, Rangers, Police etc.
This request has been passed on to the council from the Engineering company and we are waiting for a reply.
Further updates will be posted here. In the meantime the road is open until barriers completely close the road.

Note that Evans pass is officially CLOSED and should not be used.

Any problems or concerns, feel free to get in touch with me.


Stuart Mackintosh

Paragliding Sites Officer,
Canterbury Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club

021 023 76651