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NZHGPA AGM to be held in Queenstown 22nd/23rd September

This came through from Ben this morning.

Let me know if you have any thoughts


After many years of hectoring we have given in to the wishes of our 2nd biggest club to have an AGM down south where all the action is. To our surprise we researched airfares and discovered the cost of having an AGM in QT will not be significantly more than Wellington, our assumed cheapest option.

Clubs should decide as early as possible if they wish to send a delegate, and who it will be. Members should start thinking if they want to submit a remit or if they want to stand for any of the Exec positions.

Clubs will be provided with interim accounts for the year ending June 30 as soon as I can get them together. Hopefully within a week or so of the year closing off. (Last year we were severely delayed by having a chartered accountant involved for the first time, and this had significant knock-on effects to our due process.)

As a basic financial picture though, we are currently have $94,000 in the bank. This is $17,000 more than we had the same day last year. This continues a trend of our bank balance going up steadily year on year since, ahem, I took over back in 2009, (when we had a paltry $53,000 on this day.)

In other words, we are loaded, and there is enough money to complete some exciting projects. So if you can think of one, submit it as a remit. It could be something simple like dropping membership fees, or something more grandiose that may make our sport more popular. So get involved...

Ben McAlpine, Administrator