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Heathcote Airspace

Hi guys
Probably a slightly strange way to contact you, but no other contact details.I am the Team Leader (shortly handing over) on the Christchurch Approach radar sector. We control all of the airspace in and around Christchurch . I was involved with Peter taylor setting up G853 over the Port Hills and Lyttleton Harbour area. I notice on the website this area mapped and shaded as a flying area, but no reference to contacting ATC to activate.

I noticed on Sunday 5 or 6 hang gliders operating on the Heathcote side of the Bridle Path, reasonably high and wonder if all the participants were aware of the rules that apply, and the need to keep clear of controlled airspace without approval. I would be happy to come and have a chat, anytime really and outline the process and the reasons for the way controlled airspace is the way it is around the Summit Road in particular. Not out to try and dob anyone in just make sure everyone knows whats going on. Even if not planning to enter controlled airspce, it may be worthwhile establishing a phonecall/ contact system, as the area is sometimes well used by helicopters transitting to the peninsula area.


Ozzie Malcolm
Airways NZ

High all, I was one of the 5

High all,
I was one of the 5 pilots and can assure Airways NZ that none of us exceeded 3500' which is the height we are alowed to go to without notification in area G853. Our understanding is that ATC approval allows us to climb a further 2000' up to 5500'. It looks like Ozzie is requesting notification and approval every time we fly in G853. This would mean they will get a lot of phone calls and has never been required before. How does Ozzie know what height we were at? We are trying to check our vario recordings on the day and are pretty sure 3200' was the maximum height anyone got to. We look forward to some clarification by Ozzie tonight. See you at Speights Ale House, Ferrymead 7pm.
Happy landings

Airspace Map

Anyone got an airspace map i could have a look at tonight?


Yes, I have one although it is a few years old now.


I'll speak to Ozzie today.


Thanks Pete, could you please let me know how you get on -


I have emailed Ozzie and

I have emailed Ozzie and apologized on behalf of the club for the discrepancy. Also I have invited him to come to the AGM and discuss the airspace further.

Luke Goleman