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Craigieburn Paragliding League - THIS WEEKEND

The HQ will be at 39 Torlesse place -to get there go into Castle Hill village 1st Left, then 3rd left then the last house on the right.

Meet at 08:30 at 39 Torlesse Place or at Texas flats landing on the Cheeseman road at 9:30. Have your ENTRY FORM printed and ready, print yourself a map, and do all your downloads before you get there or you will be hand loading the waypoints – no facilities will be provided for downloading waypoints.

GPS – Bring your own cables to avoid disappointment.

The safety Notes are attached - please read There is also a list of the waypoints in this document– note there will be no Launch marshal for this league.

I will have some space at my house in Castle Hill village so if you need some accom 1st in best dressed – Friday evening to Monday.

It is possible that there will be no scores posted during the comp – we will download track logs and send them on to someone on the comp committee to score. Hopefully one of them will turn up and facilitate that process.

Flying only the weekend days is fine you will still be counted.



Sunday could be a big day

The Sunday at this stage looks like the better day.