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Taylors Mistake - Test Weather Station

Hi All,

Over the last few months I`ve built and tested a wind station.
The Wind station is now mounted near to the Taylors Mistake Launch.
The system runs on 900mhz GSM and sends out INSTANTANEOUS readings every 20minutes between 8am and 8pm.
I have an application running that automatically forwards the information to Twitter
You can access the data by getting yourself a Twitter account (I know alot of regular pilots have them already)
Once you have a Twitter account, you need to follow GoretekWeather

The wind station is currently fitted to a temporary pole and the long term aim is to mount the station on the councils new telemetry mast
which is yet to be constructed, hopefully we will see that sometime in 2013.

Hope the info proves useful.
I`ve just topped up the two sim cards so hopefully should be fine while i`m away over Christmas