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Manilla for the State of Origin PG comp.

I'm leaving 7am 23 March for Sydney and driving to Manilla. Returning 7.20 pm 1 April. If you are keen to share a ride and retrieve let me know.

Steve O'Shaughnessy

Manilla turned on some flyable weather

Manilla turned on some flyable weather for 8 out of 9 days, not huge distances but 14 plus hours made it worth while. A couple of days the cross wind conditions on the W takeoff kept people on the ground and made getting up tricky. Large numbers of novice pilots made gaggles messy and it was always a relief to get away from launch.

Godfrey's place is looking really good with the new club house almost finished. The cabins look good but camping in late March was fine as well.

Looking forward to the XC Camp next summer, a little earlier and not as many pilots.

A team from Canterbury (The Balck Sheep) Pete Taylor, Sandy Yong, Rob Kennedy, Mark Rutledge and Gareth Gore won the teams section of the State Of Origin. Melanie Heather won the individual and womans sections. NSW won the State section by 31 points over NZ.