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Speed wings Gondola flying

In line with NZHGPA ruling, please politely ask any speedwing pilots flying the gondola if they are PG2 rated. As a club site also check that they are CHGPC members.
The gondola is a very public site, if anything were to happen the Gondola will not be aware that speedfliers may be unqualified, flying uncertified wings etc and we would just lose another site....
I'm certainly loving having it open- Friday flys!!! Woop Woop

Speedwings at the gondola

Just to back up Matt's posting - the Gondola is a Canterbury hang-gliding and paragliding site. In line with the NZHGPA rules and the example set by Treble Cone - NO speedflying unless the pilot has a PG2 licence. We cannot afford unlicenced and untrained speedflyers to potentially have an accident and then the site will be closed to all flying. If you can't hold a PG2 licence or pay to be a NZ club member - you are NOT welcome. This rule will be rigidly enforced.

Please put the word out there to you speedflying mates.

Anton Green