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National AGM - remits need to be voted on - 7pm Speights Ferrymead - 10 Sept

Hi All

I hope everyone has had a great winter...Spring is on its way - can you all feel it in the air?

By now you should have all received an email from the NZHGPA with the details of the National AGM remits.

The AGM is being held on 14th and 15th September 2013 in Nelson. We need to get together and vote on the remits proposed and arrange a delegate to send to the AGM. So with that in mind, please have a think about the remits and whether you would like to attend the AGM to represent the Canterbury club!! (Travel costs will be covered as per the AGM document sent out by the NZHGPA).

We are the third largest club in the country (after Southern and Auckland), so we can have an impact at the National AGM.

If we don’t have any club representation at the National AGM, we may not have anyone to have our club heard should anything come up in the Extraordinary Executive Meeting (which is at the same time and place as the National AGM).

If you can’t make the meeting, but would like to vote, please email me with your views and votes and these can be aired at the meeting and votes included. (I can't make it to the meeting so will be making my votes known before).

We will be holding our club AGM later in the year (November at the latest!) and we need to make sure that we have a quorum of club members attend – so keep an eye out for the email about that later in the year – and come along! The club may even front up for some nibbles and drinks if we get the quorum!!

If anyone has any questions regarding the National AGM, or fancies a partially-paid trip up to Nelson, please give me a call on 0211 601 041 and I will try to help where I can.


Here is a link to the NZHGPA

Here is a link to the NZHGPA AGM agenda and this years remits.