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Tenant/Caretaker - Godley Head

The Department of Conservation Christchurch Field Base is seeking a tenant
for the use of a one bedroom cottage on the spectacular Godley Head. The
tenancy is available for a three month term. This may be extended by a
further three months.

The rental for the cottage is valued at $240.00 per week. Ideally this rent
would be offset by a tenant who is also qualified to undertake the
equivalent of up to 14 hours work per week. This could be in the form of
maintenance tasks including toilet cleaning, weed eating, mowing, rubbish
collection, and at times helping the public.

Minor security duties are associated with the role such as locking and
unlocking the gate to the site and reporting any nuisance or damage to the
Christchurch Field Base, however this is not a security guard role and a
security background is not required. DOC is seeking someone to be a
presence on the site and to undertake minor maintenance.

The cottage is self contained, with one large sized bedroom and a
kitchen/lounge area. It has a shower and a small deck, there is also a
phone located in the cottage. There is no garaging available. The cottage
has stunning views of Taylors Mistake and the city and has a small vegetable

Godley Head is about a 50 minute drive from central Christchurch and is in a
relatively isolated rural setting, so the caretaker will need to be
reasonably self-sufficient. There is no public transport available.

Persons wishing to apply for the position of Godley Head caretaker should
contact the Department of Conservation Christchurch Field Base
(03) 341-9100 or online

Applications close at noon Monday 7 October 2013