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Canterbury Club AGM - 19 November 8pm - 464 Tuam Street

Hello Fliers!!

The CHGPC Management Committee are calling the 2013 Canterbury club AGM.

Time has come around again for the AGM for the club. There have been a few issues with locations and schedules, but we are running out of time to hold the AGM and Paddy MacGregor has stepped up and we can have the use of his Dojo at 464 Tuam Street from 8pm on 19 November.

We need as many members to attend the AGM as possible so that we have a quorum of 20 people in attendance, so please make an extra special effort to attend, because this is YOUR CLUB and we always struggle to get a quorum to attend. Otherwise we may have to reconvene the AGM to another time and you will get another bugging email from me, and maybe even a phone call!!!!

So come on everyone, come along and have your say!! If there is time after the meeting, there is the potential to look at a reserve repack…

The election of Club Committee members will also happen on the night, so if you want a position on the Committee, here's your chance!!!

Nearer to the meeting date (hopefully by next week) I will send out the club accounts for the year ended 30 June 2013, proposed budget for year to 30 June 2014, minutes from last year’s meeting and agenda for this year's AGM. If you have anything you want to add to the proposed budget or agenda please let me know on email to

Finally if anyone has any questions or any input prior to the meeting, please get in touch with either Luke on 03 982 3830 or me on 0211 601 041.


CHGPC Secretary