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Sky Cima (65-85kg) Paraglider for Sale

Sky Cima (65-85kg) Paraglider for Sale
Approx. 40hrs of use

Good condition, available for a limited time only before I take it back to sell in the US.

Excellent for beginners. I bought it second hand from someone who had hardly flown it due to an injury (non-paragliding). I am selling it only because I am too heavy for it. Excellent for hike and fly because it compresses so small and only weighs 3.8kg.

The material is really crispy/new sounding. I got it inspected right after purchasing it in December; it had 3 very small holes that where all professionally patched, plus one that happened after the inspection & is now patched. I have had upgraded Ozone Brake handles fitted because I didn't like the ones that came with it.

Let me know if you want any specific pictures.

Approx. 40 flight hrs
Average porosity of 392s on December 14th 2013 (only about 5hrs of flying & 5hrs of kiting since then)
Size: small (23.12m2 flat)
Certified takeoff weight: 65-85kg
Certification: ANFOR “Standard”, roughly equivalent to a LTF-1 to low 1-2 (see for comparison)

$1400 ONO
All offers considered.

Ty Gunnlaugsson
+64 20 401 34555