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The Herbert Run.

Warrens 'Herbert Run' Track Log

The forecast showed light winds swirling around the peninsular, with a chance of clear holes through the high cloud. What looked favourable at Little River, was the change of light wind directions during the day, which in the past has produced small convergences in the valleys.
When you wake up in the morning and see nice clouds in the middle of the peninsula, then you’re in with a chance. Driving to Little River was a punt on it being hot enough to convect through the spring air, the high cloud was not good, but the west had blue patches on the way.

While rigging, clouds were forming overhead and along the ridges, with a small cloud tower above Hilltop.
Across the Lake convergence wisps were forming on the up-wind edge of clouds above ‘High Bare Peak’.

The sky had now cleared but it had become very light on take-off with some uneasy air on the back of your neck. Julian made an impressive power launch as the light air straightened up. While he was making good at finding lift, air was drifting from the side and over the back on takeoff and I was not game enough to try the Julian “Fantail” take off technique. Eventually I took off and after a nice climb, joined Julian in the cool whispys.

We glided to the hills opposite the landing fields and climbed up in some nice lift back up to the wispy room.
The next clouds were above ‘High Bare Peak’ above the Manderlay Country Fair, which still looked busy when we arrived well above the spur. It was nice to see take-off from the opposite side of the lake and even more great views of the whole Little River valley. I told Clare on the radio to start the chase as we followed the clouds to the end of Prices Valley and Kaituna Valley. This was a centre point of many valleys with 360 degree views, which could lead to many flying destinations within a glide or two. We made some more circles then a run to the last clouds above Herbert.
As we looked down at the Doc hut on Herbert, there was an incredibly strong flowing scent from all the gorse in bright yellow full bloom, amazing to see, pity it was gorse over the whole area.

Julian led a glide along the Herbert saddle towards Bradley. Gliding into a blue headwind looked like it was going to be a pub suck goal, then Julian turned back and I soon followed after sniffing up some more gorse. We didn’t get the recovery thermal at the end of Kaituna Valley so we back tracked down the valley. Julian went on a tour to the north side of the valley while I followed the sunny south side.
Julian made a fly on the wall landing half way down the Kaituna Valley, while I managed to snatch a thermal under some clouds along the previous course line, and flew back to take-off to steal some more fun in the wispy room. The grand finale would be a glide to Akaroa for a cup of tea, but I was already loosing points for missing the country fare. After a boat over Little River township waiting for Clare to come to return, I landed back in the landing fields. So nice to share some fun at Little River.

Warren & Clare. 5 Nov 2016. Little River to Herbert return.

"Warren Taking off at Little River"