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SIV Course at Nelson lakes

This came from Drew at Nelson Paragliding. Personally I am very interested in attending this event as I believe this would greatly improve my ability to fly XC.

Luke Goleman

Hi there Paragliding Pilots.

My name is Drew and I am currently working at Nelson Paragliding as an instructor here in New Zealand. I am writing to you today to gauge interest for an SIV - safety manouvres training / intro to aerobatics course to be held at the Nelson lakes end of March, early April. I feel this time gives us the best chance of getting in maximum flights over water as the winds are usually pretty calm that time of year. To run the course I will be looking for a minimum of six pilots, maximum ten. The course will be around $650 and cover a weekend during this time peiod, dates to be confirmed. This price will include training, transport up the hill to take off, rescue boat(s), a light lunch each day, life jackets and other costs specifically related to the course. It will not cover accomodation (we will stay in a lodge in St.Arnaud for 2 nights to maximise flight time on the Saturday), travel to and from Nelson lakes, or breakfast and evening meals. To make the course viable I will be looking to guarantee a minimum of four flights over the weekend, with multiple manouvres per flight. Remember this a minimum and hopefully if conditons are good we would get more in.

The course itself will cover all manouvres required for the PG3 rating in NZ including collapse recovery (asymetric and frontal), spiral entry and recovery, full stalls and exits, recognition of spin point, spin recovery, as well as other manouvres and situations. Pilots will be on radio during flight with comprehensive briefing before each flight, and analysis with video afterwoods. Yes you can take home the videos to show everyone! As well as these manouvres pilots will also be able to work on other moves if they wish such as large wingovers above 90dg, SAT entry/exit, asymetric spiral, looping etc, depending on level and experience!

The pilot will be responsable for providing their own equipment and making sure it is in good condition, glider has a current WOF, and carrying at least one rescue parachute - no exceptions. It is recommended that pilots bring a wing that they have spent at least 15-20 hours flying and feel confident with it\'s characteristics and un-rated, prototype gliders and competition wings will not be allowed unless pilot can demonstrate a high level of flight control with basic manouvres before the course. This is purely for safety reasons.

It should be a fun weekend and a good experience for all, with the opportunity to gain experience in SIV manouvres and a couple of beers in the lodge in the evening watching the videos debriefing.

If you are interested in the course please contact Drew at, or phone 021 045 7501 before the 10th February.

Thanks and enjoy the summer.