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Amazing Mid Air Collision!

Weather Tweets

There have been discussions on the hill about expanding the Twitter notification scheme that Steve got going, it is popular and effective (thanks Steve), and perhaps it's about time that we the followers give a little back. Here's how:

Get into your Twitter account and click on nimbuspg then click on "followers". This will bring up a list of people following the nimbus tweets.
You can choose to follow people on that list that you recognise too. That way they can tweet to you when they are on the hill.
(don't forget to activate tweets to your mobile for each person you choose to follow)

Special General Meeting - SGM - to be held

Hey Team,

I have had a number of emails in regard to the AGM minutes and in particular the remit to cut the budget for Airborne. So I will try and clear a couple of things up.

It seems the issue of “Website vs printed mag” is not new and the arguments have been in the NZHGPA for many years.

There was a small budget set last year to scope a website “again” but this never happened. The website is meant to replace the Airborne and have videos, articles, pictures and more, as well as all the usual info we have in the printed mag.

Paragliding WOF night

Hi All

It’s that time of year when everyone should have a shiny new WOF! So get your wing out and get over to New Brighton.

Traditionally we use a hall for doing the WOF’s but, due to earthquakes, there is a limit on availability. So we have a plan...

There is a large grass park opposite our house on the corner of Admirals Way and Union Street, New Brighton, which is perfect for laying out lots of kit for inspection. (My house is 17 Admirals Way).

Craigieburn League - Labour weekend

I volunteered earlier in the year to run the Craigieburn League again over Labour weekend, unfortunately I will not be back from a holiday until the Saturday morning so I need someone else to take this on.

Everything is all ready to go in terms of paperwork, there will be a delegate from the PG comp committee to do the scoring and provide advice and the task committee makes the task decisions.

If anyone is prepared to do this they need to contact me before next weekend. If no one else will take it on I will postpone.

Steve O'Shaughnessy

Slideshow and Talk by Terry Delore, Speights Ferrymead 7.30pm 22nd September

Slideshow and Talk by Terry Delore, Master of the Wave (Christchurch's own former Hang Glider world champ and holder of 27 World Sailplane Gliding records)

Where: Speights Ferrymead
When: 7.30pm 22nd September

Terry has offered to talk about any facet of his flying career that we wish, he has some awesome photos and stories of waveflights in NZ, the Andes and much more. If you would like the talk to focus on a particular area let Matt know by email:

Scarborouh Cliffs Launch pg launch site closed

RE: Closure of Taylor's Mistake cliff top launch site to para gliders. With a recent inspection locating new tension cracks we have made the decision to expand our safety exclusion areas to now include the paragliding 'cliff top' launch area, off Taylors Mistake Rd and adjacent to 125. I wish to advise that this means its now deemed unsafe for public access in this area and therefore to operate paragliding from that site. Security fencing and signage is being relocated to obviate the hazardous situation.

Ed soars The Rock of Gibralta or 'Gay Fountain' for the first time.

14 May 2011
Ed is the first off to soar 'Gay Fountain' on the Port Hills, Canterbury.
Check out this youtube video
This site probably takes a light W to NW wind. It was a little choppy in the NNW wind this day. It is a good 8:1 glide out to safe landing areas with a respectable head wind component. Takeoff is on the west side of Coopers Knob near a water trough/faintain and landing is across the road from the Raspberry Cafe near Taitapu. A promising new site ~ be respectful of the land owners. Happy landings Rod

Email notifications for CHGPC club web site updates

I've added a new module that sends email notifications when a new item is added to the web site or a comment is made.

You can elect to watch or ignore any items by clicking the appropriate link

'You are watching this post, click to stop watching'


'You are not watching this post, click to start watching'

Will eventually feed it to Twitter and then we can get free txt updates.

Steve O'Shaughnessy

SIV course Lake Ohau 26-27 Feb

Mark Hardman from Queenstown will be running an SIV course at Lake Ohau this weekend (weather permitting).

Even if you don't want to do the course it's a great opportunity to fly a new site inland.

More info to follow.

Some of you may be interested in this article from the DHV on active flying

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