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Does anybody else think it would be a good idea to kick off a Facebook user group like the Southern club? It might be a bit more interactive than the website.

Extreme sport research

I am undertaking postgraduate research through Massey University, New Zealand, examining the influence of social media on risk taking in extreme sport. I would like to invite BASE jumpers, skydivers, speedflyers, acro-paraglider pilots, white water kayakers, alpine mountaineers and mountain bikers to participate by answering a survey questionnaire. Please click on the link to complete the survey:

Flying at the Gondola

The Gondola is a sensitive flying site. Any disregard for the rules of flying there will ensure that another flying site will be closed to us. DO. NOT fly over the cable-car unless you are very high...this means after having thermalled up and at least 300 ft above the cables before crossing. The Gondola staff have complained about pilots flying over the Gondola today - 2nd June.

Attention all Members - National AGM - Remits Requested

Hi Everyone

For those of you who don't see the national club emails, below is an email from the National club.

We will have a meeting prior to the National AGM to vote as a club on any remits that are submitted and also select a representative to attent the AGM (expenses are generally covered). I will send out notification of the club meeting once the National club send out the remits to vote on. So have a ponder about who wants to represent our club at the AGM this year.

If anyone has any questions regarding remits or anything else, please contact either Dan Campbell or myself.

Mountain Bike development at Cracroft / Hoon Hay

Anybody see this news. Seems ambitious. We may have to keep an eye on submissions so we do not lose Cracroft training site:

Steal my Niviuk Koyot 2 !

It didn't sell on TradeMe so the price has been reduced to $1,550 starting price or $1,650 buy now. If you are ready to buy your first wing, this is a LOT cheaper than buying one new from local sources. Performance is outstanding and has been very carefully maintained. Here's the TradeMe link or call me on 021 204 9960 for a direct sale.

Niviuk Koyot 2 for sale

After 12 months it's time for me to move on from my Koyot 2, so with only 80 hours on the wing and recent WoF it's up for sale at $2,950. Contact Cliff on 021 204 9960

Radio VHF136-174MHz

i was told hangies like VHF radios (VHF136-174MHz)
i am selling mine on trademe still mint in box

Message from club to ALL pilots

Hello All Pilots

There were concerns expressed at our AGM not so long ago about how the actions of some pilots had threatened site access, and there has been further concern expressed since in light of recent accidents and near misses/close shaves.

Some of our members seem less aware than others that our sites are quite sensitive and require the good will of their respective landowners for our continued usage. It is important that we maintain good relations with landowners and also that we project a good image of our sport to the public in general.

Mt Cheeseman - Site Issue

There has been a issue with a car driving past the top hut to launch, the
Cheesman staff are not happy with us Driving/launching above the top hut.

Can you please pass on to our members to keep below top hut when launching.
Cheesman management have also asked that the gate remains locked at all
times so when driving through please lock the gate after you. (Steve Bankier
looks after key Ph 7411 899) always lock the gate after driving through.


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