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Flying at the Gondola

The Gondola is a sensitive flying site. Any disregard for the rules of flying there will ensure that another flying site will be closed to us. DO. NOT fly over the cable-car unless you are very high...this means after having thermalled up and at least 300 ft above the cables before crossing. The Gondola staff have complained about pilots flying over the Gondola today - 2nd June.

I was flying my speedwing at the Gondola today and also saw certain pilots flying over the cables. If you disregard the rules for flying here and compromise our thermal sight - you are showing a complete lack of respect not only for the rules but also for your fellow club pilots. Continue to do so at your own jeopardy!

Anton Green


'Not guilty your honor' but I was also stopped by one of the Gondola staff at the top site today and politely requested to spread the word that they were concerned about pilots getting too close, so clearly it was becoming quite an issue today with lack of significant lift. (I hope my comment doesn't get repeated 4 times!)