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King of Speed

This is an email I got from Asher and Chris regards King Of Speed this year
They are keen to get all levels involved
This is posted on the Canterbury speed flyer's Facebook page as well
See below
also check out there web page
Cheers Sam

Hello Canterbury Speed Flyers!

For those who are interested to Ski & Fly the latest Mirage or Spitfire, we would like to invite you all on Sep 7 to Broken River and fly with us. We will have various size demo wings available but if you send us a message through we can make sure we have the right wing for you.

We have convinced Head Swing PRO Team Coach Daniel Kofler to travel all the long way from Austria to coach and fly with us, sharing his profound knowledge about Speedriding and Paragliding. We will be all meeting up at Palmers Lodge in the morning from 9am onwards. There is no additional cost apart from Broken River lift ticket.
For those who would like to enjoy a day or more of coaching, flying with us and preparing for the King of Speed Race outside of Sep 7. Please feel free to join our group on a daily base.

Please understand that we have to charge a minimum of NZ$125/day/rider in order to cover cost for coaches coming from overseas. Please bring your own car as shuttle to locations as shuttle from Temple to Broken River is not included. Please note that the lift ticket for the relevant location is not included. However if local riders have to purchase a lift ticket, you will of course receive our group discount.

We have two Camps based at Broken River this year, you are welcome to join us at any time.

King of Speed Entry Level Camp August 30th- September 7th

King of Speed Advanced Camp September 7th-September 14th

Also, we have the King of Speed Race 2014

Based on weather conditions permitting we are aiming to hold the first official King of Speed Race this year on Sep 13 and we would be very excited to have a strong local contingent with us. We are looking forward to making some new friends to fly with so please don’t hesitate to contact us. In time this could become a regular event for Speed riders of Australia and New Zelaand to meet up.
We will bring heaps of snow over from Oz if there is still not enough over there;)

Asher & Chris