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What the heck is RASP?

If you check forecasts and try to plan your flights, have you ever tried to interpret NZ RASP to try and avoid a wasted trip to your favourite launch site?

Here's a link to NZ RASP.

Peter Taylor has very kindly offered to host an 'evening class' at his home in Cracroft to share his knowledge, but numbers need to be limited so 'first come first served'.

If you're interested in joining us at 7.00pm on Thursday 21st August please reply here. We will find an ingenious way of getting Peter's home address to you without publishing it here or on Twitter! Maybe you could add your email address to the Club Member List if you haven't already.

Here is a pretty good explanation

Its a webcast of a RASP/BLIPMAP interpretation that is quite good to follow.


I'll come, but feel free to

I'll come, but feel free to bump me if you get over subscribed...


Is the date & time good for Jen too?

I'd definitely like to

I'd definitely like to attend. I'm on twitter following a few of the CHGPA members.


Mike Lowe

Contact details

Hi Mike, I don't have any contact details to give you Peter's home address for the session on Thursday which will kick off at 7pm. Don't want to publish Peter's address on here. Please email your contact details to

I will be happy to attend, if

I will be happy to attend, if you'll have me :)