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CHGPC Gathering 7th Sept 2017 - 7:30am - Twisted Hop and Reminder about Club Notices only being sent via Mailchimp emails

Hi CHGPC club members,

With the season just about to start up we thought it would be a good time to get everyone together for a catch up and also discuss a bit of club business. It would be a good opportunity to discuss any remits for our AGM in October. We have booked the Twisted Hop pub upstairs area for 7:30pm on Thursday the 7th September.


I have been approached by some members regarding not receiving any club notifications. Since the last AGM all club members have been sent notifications only using the mailchimp email system. Invitations to this gathering have been sent to all club members using the mailchimp email system. Unfortunately these emails will appear as adverts in your account so you will need to find them and approve the address as a valid site to ensure you can easily find them. The email was sent on the 27th August and today I repeated the message to all email addresses that did not open the email. Please look for these emails and make sure your account recognizes them in the future.

To date there are over 100 members who have not opened these emails which is a bit of a worry going forward. We now have well over 200 members so this is one of the few practical ways to contact the members. It is currently used by most NZ clubs.

Thank you all for your assistance with this.


Mike Lowe
Club Secretary