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CHGPC Secretary's de-brief of the NZHGPA 2010 AGM

Hello Christchurch and Canterbury Fliers

My recent trip to our nations capitol for the NZHGPA AGM was a great success! Three man-days and two nights released from my household shackles was awesome!

Several of us Mainlanders were warmly welcomed by the friendly North Islanders, tribute mainly to our colourful Wellingtonian hosts!
On Friday evening a get-together was held at the current Australasian DHV1 Champion/Wellington Presidents home where I got to meet all the current Executives and special guests. Great to finally put a face to our fearless leader Xen Zambas, "deputy Read" and to catch up with South Island mate, "The Laminator"! Brilliant also to become acquainted with current legends (starting with our islanders), from the sunnier regions, like Glenn Meadows, Trevor Leighton and from the chilly-bin, Rob Darby and Shai Lanuel of Elevation Paragliding Queenstown. Our bookshop and Airspace man, Ewan Tonar was there as always, and providing valuable assistance, our previous leader, Ross Grey.

On Saturday morning we rapidly commenced AGM proceedings at the Wellington Aero club, passed some votes, enjoyed pizza for lunch, discussed some future issues and concluded both the AGM and Extraordinary Executives meeting by 3pm! We then trucked into town and had a fabulous night out! Dinner was served by petite Cambodian ladies and never seemed to end. The 7 course set menu would have provided enough food for our entire compliment of 104 CHGPC members let alone the 13 of us at the table! Wine flowed like it was the last supper but unfortunately the live band at 'Mighty Mighty' created a fair amount of indigestion. Beer and an All Black triumph 23/22 over evil corrected all that! On Sunday, we (those of us that were able to rise) were treated to a site seeing tour of Wellington by one of our Kiwi Free Flying pioneers (Regalo survivor like Bill and Rod), Grant Firth. Thanks Grant!

Anyway, enough attempting to attract attendance for next years AGM, here is the guts of what went on at the meeting.
1. Shai Lanuel voted as new Paragliding Training Manager. Congratulations Shai!
2. 2011 NZHGPA membership fees are to remain unchanged.
3. A per transaction service fee may be applied to all credit card transactions to account for the nearly $2000 in NZHGPA credit card service fees.
4. The NZHGPA plans to create a 'Roadshow' to advertise our sport amongst universities in early 2011.
5. It was unanimously decided to make a one-off donation of $350 to the creator of the website. This website may become our inland fly/no fly indicator (we all love a good plummet but it sure is nicer to avoid them!), check it out. The designer approached us as a possible primary user and has self funded the project so far.
6. A committee is to be created to explore the feasibility of an 'Online Portal' website for the NZHGPA. This website would be aimed at reducing the current paper hungry/time consuming system we currently employ. This would benefit commercial operators and private instructors who may have more equipment, staff/students and allow them to keep tabs on qualifications, currencies, and equipment checks and provide up to date access to Rules and Regulations. It would also reduce the administrative workload of "The Laminator" considerably. Related companies may also be permitted to advertise on the website and revenues received for advertising could possibly reduce NZHGPA membership fees.
7. The current Towing rules and regulations are to be reviewed and updated if required, to reflect current international standards.

Attending the AGM was a fantastic way to learn about what "The System" is doing behind the scenes for us. The NZHGPA executive volunteer a tremendous amount of their time to ensure that all we have to do is a proper Hang Check and then launch!
If you are ever offered the opportunity to attend the AGM- do it! (Rumour has it that the next one is a Fying AGM and is to be held in Nelson!)

Kind regards from the Secretary CHGPC

Morgan Knoesen