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Minutes of the club AGM 2010

Minutes of the Canterbury Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club AGM 7:00 pm. Thursday, 28 October 2009 Speights Ale House, Ferrymead

Meeting opened ~7.15pm.


Morgan Knoesen Rod Stuart Rob Kennedy Steve O’Shaughnessy Gary Turner
Stuart Mackintosh Patterson Stark Hamish Foster Brad Norton Lea Alderslade
James Johnstone Jean Brossard Peter Taylor Rob Kennedy David Dennis
Greg Campbell Joel Hanlon Owen Booth Derek McKee Dan Campbell
Luke Goleman Simon Corbett Jen Corbett Sam Bartholomew Paul Adriaens
Nadia Bartholowmew J. Gabriel Montejo C. Evans Pieter De Boer

Apologies: Matt Barlow Chris Lawry

“That the minutes of the Previous AGM be accepted as a true and correct record”
Moved Gary Tuner – Seconded Paul Adriaens – passed unanimously.

Matters Arising from the minutes

• The suggestion to have the Mt Cheeseman key placed in a lock-box in Castle Hill was not well received by the Mt Cheeseman Ski Club, but Pieter De Boer will further pursue the matter.

Officer’s Reports

President – Rod Stuart
• Sent out report before meeting. Rod also thanked everyone for their support during his 4 year tenure as “ ‘El Presidente’ ”.
• Rod also thanked Steve O’Shaunessy for his excellent work on the club website. He hoped that the twitter system of alerting local pilots of good flying conditions would unite both Hang Gliders and Paragliders and draw the less frequent flyers to the hilltops.
• WOF night 27 October was well attended with 13 Hang Gliders flown from Taylors to the Sumner Surf Life Saving Club for inspection.

Treasurer – Morgan Knoesen
• Morgan briefed the minor expenditure for year. A discrepancy of $127 arose during the final balancing of accounts which appeared to be a historical error carried from previous years. This was deemed not serious by the members present and no further discussion on the matter was roused.
• Informed members that the Taylors Mistake wind-talker has been removed from the asset register since it’s theft in February 2010
• Proposed accounts approved (on basis that they are checked by Jen Corbett and recirculated if any changes). Moved Rod Stuart, seconded Jen Corbett

Election of Officers

Luke Goleman
- Nominated by Rod Stuart, seconded by Morgan Knoesen

Jen Corbet
- Nominated by Rod Stuart, seconded by Luke Goleman

Hang Gliding Safety Officer
Cris Lawry
- Nominated by Rod Stuart, seconded by Luke Goleman

Paragliding Safety Officer
Robert Kennedy
- Nominated by Rod Stuart, seconded by Luke Goleman

Hang Gliding Sites Officer
Derek McKee
- Nominated by Rod Stuart, seconded Morgan Knoesen

Paragliding Sites Officer
Bradley Norton
- Nominated by Paul Adriaens, seconded Steve O’Shaughnessy

All positions were voted in unanimously.

General Business
• It was suggested that the annual donations of $200 to the Westpack Rescue Helicopter and Sumner Lifeboat be made again in 2011. Moved by Rod Stuart, seconded by Jen Corbet.
• Pieter De Boer recommended a $200 donation to the Mt Cheeseman Ski Club which was approved by all present.
• Discussion about ‘SPOT’ locator beacons for the club. It was decided that these beacons are a more personalised items and would not be suitable as club assets.
• Members agreed that more club social events are required. Training evenings with topics such as ‘Wilderness First Aid’ were suggested.
• Rod Stuart suggested that the 2011 sites officers present our Canterbury flying site land owners with wine and chocolate gifts as thanks for the use and maintenance of these sites. This was unanimously supported.
• Discussion about emailing an abbreviated club recall list containing only address, email and phone number details was supported by all.

Meeting closed 8pm.