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Our Flying Stories

In need of a flying fix, but the weather's not playing ball? Take a look at some of the epic adventures our club members get up to when the weather does come on.

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Mt Plenty Hike and Fly

After finishing up their PG2 qualifications in mid-2021, four pilots headed for the mountains to get their first taste of the hike and fly life.

Watch the group take on their first hike and fly mission from the stunning Mt Plenty, near Castle Hill.

Video credit: Angie Lee

Tutorial: Jean Brossard talks us through his enviable crossing to Akaroa

Watch local pilot, and CHGPC member Jean Brossard talk us through his XC flight, crossing the Lyttleton Harbour to Akaroa, on the Banks Peninsula.

Video credit: Jean Brossard

From the Archives: Bill Moyes first to fly Castle Rock, Feb 1969

A post shared by Rod Stuart in the old website forums. Accompanying caption reads:

Sydney birdman Mr Bill Moyes flew beneath his kite after launching himself from Castle Rock yesterday. He made three flights from The Rock after wind conditions forced his Saturday attempts to be postponed. He was launched from a tow on skis behind a car driven by his teammate.

The longest flight in the three descents was about a mile and three quarters to a perfect landing on the Heathcote Domain cricket pitch.

Major something of the flights had been the big drops and lifts in thermal currents he struck said Mr Moyes some of these had been more than 50 feet.

The flights have been useful in gathering information on thermal currents for future long distance flights with the delta wing he said. Yesterday afternoon at Brooklands Mr Moyes and his team gave a display of water ski kite flights after being towed behind a jet boat

Mr Moyes will return to Sydney today with the barograph he carried with him at Lake Ellesmere on Thursday when he set a world altitude record of 2900 feet. The instrument has been tested by N.A.C technicians to verify the record.

Mr Moyes has plans in the future to fly over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and through one of the arches of the bridge


From the Archives: Flying Scarborough Cliffs pre-earthquakes

In a video shared to the old Club website forums, Matt Stanford shares his flight at Taylor's Mistake; with views of the Scarborough Cliffs, before the February 2011 earthquake.

Video credit: Matt Stanford

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