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WOF Night 2023

The annual Club WOF Night is coming up! Here's what you need to know...

Date: Wednesday 9 August

Time: 5:30pm - 9pm

Location: Christchurch South Intermediate, 204 Selwyn Street, Spreydon.

If you haven't attended a WOF night before here's what to expect:

  1. Please have your WOF sheet/s printed out and pre-filled if you can - Paraglider (wing) WOF Form can be downloaded here. - Harness / Reserve WOF Form can be downloaded here.

  2. Bring your wing/s harness/s reserve/s.

  3. Arrive EARLY - the earlier the better as we will be locking up at 9pm! Previous years we went full-on for the whole period of time. When you arrive, take a number (one number for each wing you'll need done) at the door to reserve your spot in the queue.

  4. Lay your wing out, do your inspection, pack your wing away but leave the middle front third of leading edge exposed for the porosity check - your number tells you when it's your turn!

  5. WOF inspectors will come around and sign your equipment off (or not) but YOU ARE the person DOING the INSPECTION!!

  6. If you're new to flying or do not have confidence to do your checks yourself... a) seek out help but please be realistic about your expectations and timing (these nights are often very busy) b) Consider getting WOF the classic commercial way (have someone experienced to do it).

REMEMBER: All WOF inspectors attending are offering their free time to help you - please be nice to them!


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